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Refugee Claim

Refugee Protection Claims

Canada is a multicultural and diverse country. It upholds its Charter of Rights and Freedoms which affords its citizens and permanent residents the freedom from discrimination of any kind.

Unfortunately, few countries do not grant the same fundamental rights and freedom to their citizens and residents. Canada welcomes refugees to come and live in Canada provided they qualify as per its legal rules and regulations.

A claimant for refugee status can apply, irrespective of the fact whether they are residing in Canada or abroad. The refugee claim application has a specific laid down process including a basis of the claim form and a refugee hearing.  Get more information about Refugee Protection Claims today!

Who is considered a Refugee?

A person is considered a refugee under the Convention if they have a fear of persecution upon return to their country of citizenship or permanent residence. They need to expressly demonstrate that their home country is unable to provide them with sufficient official protection to keep them safe. The forms of fear of persecution recognized internationally include:

- Race
- Religion
- Membership of a specific social group (sexual orientation/gender, etc.)
- Political opinion
- Nationality

The person applying for refugee status needs to demonstrate that their country is unable or unwilling to provide them with adequate state protection. The refugee or protected person applicant needs to prove that the reasons for persecution are personalized and arise from the return to his/her home country or country of legal residence. They are at risk of unusual punishment, torture or death.

If you are making a refugee claim, your claim will go in front of an Immigration Canada officers. That officer will review your refugee claim and decide if it is eligible to be sent to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada is an independent administrative tribunal. It makes decisions on immigration and refugee claim matters. It is the Immigration and Refugee Board that determines who is a Convention refugee or a person in need of protection.

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