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Tourist Visa

Canada is one of the most developed nations of the world as well as enriched with natural beauty, and that is why attracting many people across continents to visit, for a business job or for leisure. There are a number of people visiting Canada every year and it is increasing rapidly.

Compatible Immigration Services Inc. is a well-known Canada tourist visa consultant. Anyone who visits Canada must apply from outside the country. If you have a friend or family member who wants to visit Canada, they must apply to the Canadian visa office responsible for their country or region. A visa officer will review the application and decide whether to issue a visa.

Canada is a country which provides you the best of holidays and the business opportunities. In Canada all are given a warm welcome and since it is a tourist friendly country so their warm-heartedness attracts all the tourists there and they make several visits to this country to have a lifetime memorable experience. This land is the largest island but the smallest continent. Fix a date with this mesmerizing land of the lovable and kind-hearted people and Indigenous Canadians and taste and experience the mystical and the enticing history of this place.

Compatible Immigration Services Inc. helps you to not only to dream but to manifest the plan visiting Canada for any of these two purposes. Our expert team makes it possible for all a hassle-free tour with pleasant memories. The entire Canada tourist visa process would be taken care of by our veteran visa consultant team. The tourist visa is provided to non-immigrants who have the intention to come back to their native country when the visit term ends and this is the primary requirement of successful visa proceedings.

Key Requirements for Canada Tourist/Visitor Visa

Compatible Immigration Services Inc. offers its services for you to obtain a Canada tourist visa, a trouble-free process. There are some basic requirements you have to fulfill before applying for Canada Tourist Visa.

- A Valid Passport with 6 months validity from the date of arrival in Canada.
- You are in good health and have medical clearance.
- You have sufficient funds or financial to pay for your expenses while in Canada Visit.
- Lack of criminal record.
- Documents or covering letter that mentioning the details of the applicant, travel, and details of the other members traveling with you.
- Convince the immigration officials that your plan to remain in Canada for a specific and limited period of time and you leave Canada at the end of your visit.

There is no formal appeal process if your application for a Temporary Resident Visa is refused. You can apply again. Make sure that you provide any information or documents that were missing from your first application.

There are two types of Canada Tourist Visa: (1) a single-entry visa and (2) a multiple-entry visa. Temporary Resident Visas are valid for a fixed period, whether they are a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. You cannot use a visa after its expiry date.

Single-Entry Tourist Visa

A single-entry visa allows you to enter Canada once. When you arrive at the point of entry in Canada, an officer of the Canada Border Services Agency will make sure you meet the requirements to enter Canada. The officer will tell you how long you can stay in Canada. Six months is the longest period of time you can stay in Canada under a single-entry Temporary Resident Visa.

The expiry date—the date by which you must leave Canada—will be stamped in your passport. If you have a study permit or a work permit, the same expiry date will be stamped on the permit as well. If you leave Canada before the expiry date on your single-entry visa, you must get a new visa to re-enter Canada.

Multiple-entry Tourist visa

A multiple-entry visa allows you to enter Canada several times during the period while your visa is valid. A multiple-entry visa is usually valid for a longer period than a single-entry visa.

Your multiple-entry visa will state the number of times that you can enter Canada. You must reach Canada on or before the expiry date on your visa. You cannot get a multiple-entry visa for a period that ends after the expiry date of your passport. If your passport will expire soon, you should renew it before you apply for your visa.

After analyzing the visa processing time trends, generally Canada tourist visa application gets processed within a month (generally 20-30 days). However, it may be more or less depending upon the the purpose (whether visit for holiday, business purpose or to meet you family/friends). The number of application also affects the visa processing time as well. To know more about the visa processing time & requirements please fill the enquiry form.

Why Appoint Compatible Immigration Services Inc.?

Compatible Immigration Services Inc. has a successful long two decades experience in getting a successful tourist visa which is quite a challenging task. Our successful clients got their visa on time and without any problem. Our staff is giving assistance using their expert skills.

1> Our counselors and documentation specialists always provide you the best of the services to make sure that your tour is well organized with hassle-free visiting experience. They also keep a track on the latest amendments made in the transitory visa and reflect the changes in your file accordingly, without any delay.

2> If there are certain changes in the tourist visa procedure then our expert team tackles it carefully and if there are changes in the procedure they keep themselves well aware and never allow it to become a hurdle in the approval of your request for Canada Visa, when you apply through us. Be it including some extra documents or changes in the eligibility criteria, we take care of it all and ensure that you do not suffer because of being unaware of the latest requirements.

3> We also extend our services and assistance to assure you the entire procedure goes effortlessly and smoothly without causing any troubles to our clients in the entire procedure. Compatible Immigration Services Inc. team of advisors finalizes necessary tips to present you as an authentic applicant who can be relied upon to abide by all rules and answer all interview questions confidently. A perfect and successful interview takes you to get a tourist visa without any hassle…

4> We have never ever faced any failed attempts when we applied for the tourist visa ever our previous record is the proof of that. Since our inception, we have delivered many successful tourist visas and always have tried to keep unto the expectations of our clients and have always been able to perform our role energetically sincerely and honestly. For a free assessment of your profile against the latest requirements for Canada visit visa, kindly fill our assessment form and await a quick response from us.

If you want to visit several other countries or return to your own country before coming back to Canada, you will need a multiple-entry visa. If you plan to visit Canada frequently, a multiple-entry visa is recommended.

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